Palisade Story

Since 2007, Palisade has provided dedicated and professional investment management services to institutional and wholesale investors.

Palisade is a global infrastructure and real assets manager. Majority owned by its experienced investment professionals, our success is aligned to the success of our clients.

Our multi-disciplinary team delivers investment acquisition and management of infrastructure and infrastructure-like assets in targeted sectors. We have a strong focus on long-term, stable returns by adopting a rigorous approach to risk identification, mitigation and management.

We employ an experienced team of investment specialists from a range of disciplines including funds management, investment banking, government, legal and engineering.

Financial Close reached on first US investment

Financial close reached on the acquisition of Amp US (renamed PureSky Energy), a leading developer, owner and operator of US community solar and storage projects

Establishment of Intera Renewables

Intera Renewables was established by aggregating five of Palisade’s operational renewable energy assets into a single entity of scale, with a common ownership, governance, management and financing structure

Palisade’s Renewable Energy Fund is the lead investor in Intera, with co-investment support from HESTA, Aware Super and the Clean Energy Finance Corporation

Intera’s focus is on developing and constructing new renewable energy projects, whilst providing investors with stable income returns underwritten by its existing, high quality portfolio of operating assets

Palisade Real Assets (PRA) launches BioticNRG

PRA launches biogas platform to pursue anaerobic digestion assets in the UK and Europe

Acquisition of Eco2 Management Services, a UK-based renewable energy asset management and development company, expanding the Palisade group to over 100 executives.

Malaby Biogas secured as seed asset for the platform

Establishment of US office

Palisade expands into the US to pursue small to mid cap US infrastructure investments

Mike Reynolds (Managing Director, Americas) and Jonathan Yeung (Investment Manager) relocate from Sydney to New York

Appointment of John Hughes to Chair of Investment Committee

John Hughes appointed as Chair of the independent investment committee

Read John’s bio here

Establishment of Palisade Impact (PI)

PI focuses on unlisted investments in next generation infrastructure and infrastructure-like investments that intentionally target solutions to environmental and social challenges

Palisade Impact Fund established with $400m seed capital raised from Australian and offshore institutional and wholesale investors

Steve Gross (PI CEO), Jeremy Wernert (PI CIO) and Todd Smith (PI COO) join Palisade

For further information please visit Palisade Impact

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Establishment of Palisade Real Assets (PRA)

PRA focuses on mid-market real asset investments that are adjacent to traditional core infrastructure sectors

Stephen Burns (PRA CEO), Digby Beaumont (PRA Head of Investments) and Annika Li (Senior Investment Manager) join Palisade

For further information please visit Palisade Real Assets

Meet the team

Adoption of Palisade ESG Priority Goals

Adoption of five UN SDG-aligned ESG priority goals – good governance, climate action, supporting communities, environmental sustainability and fostering diversity – as core focus areas for our business and portfolio companies

For further information please visit ESG

Establishment of Palisade’s Unlisted Infrastructure Trust (PUIT)

PUIT is a pooled fund which allows individual sophisticated investors to gain exposure to Palisade’s infrastructure capability

Palisade’s Diversified Infrastructure Fund (PDIF) reaches $1 billion in FUM and commitments

PDIF investor base expanded to over 20 Australian and offshore institutional investors, including superannuation, government, insurance, endowments and charities

Establishment of Palisade’s Renewable Energy Fund (PREF)

PREF is a pooled fund focusing on investing in predominantly utility scale wind, solar and storage opportunities in Australia

Partnership announced with the Australian Government’s Clean Energy Finance Corporation to pursue Australian renewable energy investments

For further information please visit PREF

Establishment of Palisade Integrated Management Services (PIMS)

PIMS established as a 100% subsidiary of Palisade Investment Partners to provide operational management services to certain assets in the Palisade portfolio

For further information please visit PIMS

Appointment of Roger Lloyd to CEO

Roger Lloyd appointed to CEO of Palisade with outgoing CEO Ian Mitchell being appointed as Chair of the Palisade’s independent investment committee

Establishment of Palisade’s Australian Social Infrastructure Fund (PASIF)

PASIF is a pooled fund focusing on investing in Australian social infrastructure assets with government-backed revenue streams

For further information please visit PASIF

Establishment of Separately Managed Accounts business

Two large separately managed accounts entered into with an Australian government superannuation fund and Australian corporate superannuation fund

Establishment of Palisade’s Diversified Infrastructure Fund (PDIF)

Palisade acquires the management rights of Perpetual’s Diversified Infrastructure Fund with initial FUM of $200m following unanimous approval from fund investors

Key personnel engaged from Perpetual including Roger Lloyd (current CEO), Vicki Rigg (current MD) and Vipul Luthra (previous GM, Finance)

Subsequently renamed to Palisade’s Diversified Infrastructure Fund, with a mandate to invest in a diversified portfolio of Australian and offshore assets

For further info please visit PDIF

Establishment of Palisade Investment Partners

Palisade established with the support of Pinnacle Investment Management, a global multi-affiliate investment management firm

For further information please visit Pinnacle Investment